The Australasian Wing Chun Kung Fu Organisation was established in Perth Western Australia by its Founder and Chief Instructor Si-Gung Roger Smart to teach authentic Chinese kung fu. The Australasian Wing Chun Kung Fu Organisation School remains the longest established kung fu school and instructor in Western Australia. The School also remains under the guidance of its original Master – Si-Gung Smart.

Si-Gung Roger Smart’s teaching skills were first developed through his training back in 1960, later taking a formal teaching role as the Chief Instructor for Hap Kune Do Kung Fu Perth branch from 1976 to 1978.

Si-Gung Smart and his School teach the traditional system of Wing Chun, and Shanxi Hsing-I (Sung Style) systems. For many years Si-Gung taught the Mainland version of Wing Chun as the main system of the school, however, he changed the School’s initial instruction to the Hong Kong version in 1998.

The School developed a new framework in 1998 for its Wing Chun tuition. The framework is based on teaching the Hong Kong system of Wing Chun first from beginner level to level 6 (Full Black). From Level 6 (Full Black) to Level 8 (Si-Fu) the Foshan system is taught. In attaining Si-Fu Grade the practitioner will have gained a comprehensive knowledge backed by years of experience of the Wing Chun system and its two main variations.

The Shanxi Hsing-I (Sung style) system is also taught to a select few senior and closed-door Wing Chun students. This system significantly enhances a Wing Chun practitioner’s power, smoothness and strength.

The School maintains several national and international accreditations that include

The School has provided coaching to many organisations over the years, including the Braille Society for the Blind W.A, the Royal Australian Army and the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and close quarter combat with the Australian elite Special Air Services (SAS) regiment.

Thank you and acknowledgements

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The School respects, thanks and acknowledges the teachings of its Grandmaster’s:

  • Chu Wan Pong – Shanxi Hsing-I (Sung Style)
  • Lun Gai (Lun Kai) – Ip Man Foshan Wing Chun
  • Lam Chi Ping – Fu Jow Kuen
  • Doctor Allen Lee – Wing Chun
  • Chan Sau Chung – Tai Sing Pap Kar Moon
  • Professor Wong Kit Po – Chow Gar
  • Lo Chi Cheong – Ip Man Hong Kong Wing Chun System

The School would especially like to acknowledge the continued instruction by Grandmaster Chu Wan Pong.