The Australasian Wing Chun Kung Fu Organisation was established in Perth Western Australia by its Founder Si-Gung Roger Smart to teach authentic Chinese kung fu. The Australasian Wing Chun Kung Fu Organisation School remains the longest established kung fu school in Western Australia. The School has now been passed over to  Si Fu Micheal Karpinski and Si Fu Arlin Simons and retains the guidance of Si Gung Roger Smart.

The Australasian Wing Chun Kung Fu Organisation and the School instructors teach the traditional system of Wing Chun and Shanxi Hsing-I (Sung Style) systems.

For many years Si-Gung Roger Smart taught the Mainland version of Wing Chun as the main system of the school, however, Si Gung Roger Smart changed the School’s initial instruction to the Hong Kong version in 1998. To this day the Hong Kong system is still taught.

The School developed a new framework in 1998 for its Wing Chun tuition. The framework is based on teaching the Hong Kong system of Wing Chun first from beginner level to level 6 (Full Black). From Level 6 (Full Black) to Level 8 (Si-Fu) the Foshan system is taught. In attaining Si-Fu Grade the practitioner will have gained comprehensive knowledge backed by years of experience of the Wing Chun system and its two main variations.

The Shanxi Hsing-I (Sung style) system is also taught to a select few senior and closed-door Wing Chun students. This system significantly enhances a Wing Chun practitioner’s power, smoothness and strength.

The School maintains several national accreditations that include

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The school also thanks and acknowledges Si Ti Joy Smart for the many years of dedication she has given to the school and the support to Si Gung Roger Smart.