This School recognises the following 37 idioms of Wing Chun:

  1. Sil Lim Tau has three sections and develops internal power.
  2. Chum Kiu has three sections and develops waist turning and horse stepping power.
  3. Bue Gee has three sections and develops elbow waist crunching power.
  4. Mook Jong has many sections and develops full body power.
  5. Luk Dim Boon Kwun has only six and a half tech. which develops leg, arm and body power.
  6. Baat Chum Tao has eight techniques. This develops wrist, forearm and body power.
  7. Gurk Jong has many ways but only one way, move like water.
  8. Mook Yang Jong and Gurk Jong must be worked thoroughly before training with out the jongs.
  9. Others walk the bow I walk the string.
  10. Tan, Bong and Fook Sau are three points of the triangle.
  11. The hand that hits also blocks.
  12. Pak Sau avoids the inner gate.
  13. The punch comes from the heart.
  14. We use three Bong Sau technique; upper, middle and lower.
  15. After using Kwan Sau follow with Pao Pai palm.
  16. Hand against hand, foot against foot; there is no unstoppable technique.
  17. Retain what comes, follow what retreats, and thrust forward when contact is lost.
  18. When you can hit, hit! When you can’t, don’t!
  19. When using the fist don’t stand on ceremony.
  20. Face your opponent with your centre line.
  21. When kicking heels face each other.
  22. Hand and legs must work together.
  23. To win in an instant is a superior achievement.
  24. Beginners must not use strength.
  25. Fancy techniques should not be used!
  26. The Yin / Yang principle must be understood.
  27. Footwork and handwork follow the waist.
  28. Hand and foot work together, knee and elbow work together, hip and shoulder work together all work together with the centre.
  29. For every one give three.
  30. Once the opponent moves, he breaks his centre of gravity. Thrust forward.
  31. If you are afraid of being hit, you will be hit.
  32. Have confidence and courage; remain calm to dominate the situation.
  33. You are standing in the place where I want to be. If you are still there when I get there – that’s a hit!
  34. Always be a little fast than your opponent.
  35. Be first, be fast, be sharp, be effective and stick like glue.
  36. Keep it simple; keep it direct, keep it effective and the end result is smoothness.
  37. I am the bow and I fire the arrow.