Si-Gung Smart, inspired by his Royal Marine champion boxer father Thomas Smart, was introduced to various forms of unarmed combat techniques from the age of nine and started his own training back in 1960. His interest in martial arts grew into a lifetime passion, with experience that spans over 57 years of dedication to the arts today. He has studied in Hong Kong, China and in his homeland Australia, where he resides today.

During the 1970’s he trained with Si-Fu Lo Chi Cheong of the Ip Man Hong Kong Wing Chun System and ran his school in Perth, Western Australia from 1976-1978. In 1983 he was appointed the Grand Master of the Fu Jow Kuen style (Tiger Claw Fist) under Si-Gung Lam Chi Ping.

Si-Gung Roger Smart was first introduced to the Wing Chun  Kung fu styles of Chinese kung fu under the guidance as a closed door private student of Doctor Allen Lee. Dr Lee passed his knowledge of the Foshan Mainland version of the system to Si-Gung Smart. It was not until studying as a private student of Grandmaster Lun Gai, also known as Lun Kai, that Si-Gung Smart learnt Ip Man’s original Foshan version (that was only ever taught to 6 people between 1940-1949 before this version was changed to what is known today as the Ip Man Hong Kong System).

With a thirst for knowledge, Si-Gung Smart also trained in the Chow Gar kung fu style in 1979 for two and a half years as a private student of Doctor Wong Kit Po. In 1985 Si-Gung Smart became a private in-house student of Grandmaster Chan Sau Chung, known as the Monkey King, in the style of Tai Sing Pap Kar Moon kung fu in Hong Kong. It was through this training that Si-Gung Smart learnt the styles Pap Kar (Axe Fist), Hsing-I and Ba Qua.

In 1986 Grand Master Chan Sau Chung and his family came to Perth and lived with Si-Gung Smart for 3 weeks. During his stay, he continued Si-Gung Smart’s training in the Tai Sing Pap Kar Moon system as well as teaching at Roger Smart’s Studio of Martial Arts.

In addition to his studies under Wing Chun Grandmaster Lun Gai, Si-Gung Smart also continues his instruction under the guidance of Grandmaster Chu Wan Pong in the Shanxi Hsing-I (Sung style) kung fu system. Si-Gung Smart has been a committed closed door private student of Grandmaster Chu since 1992.

Australasian Wing Chun Kung Fu Organisation is the longest established kung fu school and instructor in Western Australia. His instruction has also been utilised by the Department of Defence, providing instruction to members of the Royal Australian Air Force and the Royal Australian Army, including the elite Special Air Service (SAS) regiment and previously has trained members of the Braille Society for the Blind of Western Australia.

Si-Gung Roger Smart’s credentials both nationally and internationally are:

His kung fu studio today continues to teach the traditional styles of Wing Chun and Hsing-I .