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The Chinese language has many different dialects that result in variations to how the Chinese characters are translated into the English language. Australasian Wing Chun Kung Fu Organisation use the following terms as part of their training:

Term Definition
BART JUM DO 8 Slashing Butterfly Sword Form
BIK SAU ( JAM) Chasing Hand
BIK MA Chasing Stance
BONG GURK Outer Shin Block with Knee Turned Outward
BUE GEE (BIL GEE) Shooting / Thrusting Fingers Form (3rd Wing Chun Kuen Form)
BUE SAU (BIL SAU) Shooting / Thrusting Finger Wrist Block
CHAAM SAU (JUM SAU) Sinking Block
CHAI GURK Any Kick that Stamps Down
CHI Internal Energy
CHI DAN GURK Single Sticking Leg
CHI SAU Sticking Hands
CHOR MA Turning Stance
CHUM KIU Searching for the Bridge / Arm Seeking Form (2nd Wing Chun Kuen Form)
DA Hit
DAI Lower Level
DAI BONG SAU Lower Wing Arm Block
DAI JING GURK Low Front Kick
DAN CHI SAU Single Sticking Hand
DAN TIEN Centre of Energy Below Navel
DIT DA JOW Herbal Liniment
FAK SAU Upward Swinging Arm
FOK GURK Downward Leg Block Contact With Muscle Next To Shin Bone
FOK SAU Palm Controlling Block With Elbow Down
GARN SAU Low Outer Wrist Block
GUM SAU Downward Palm Pining Hand
GUNG FU Mastery of an Art, used to represent Martial Arts
GWAT SAU Circular Outer Wrist Block
HOI (OI) Outside
HUEN GURK Any Circle Kick
HUEN MA Circle Stance
HUEN SAU Circling Hand
JING GURK Front Kick
JIP SAU Controlling the Bridge / Arm Break
JONG Elbow
JUM SAU Forearm Deflecting Block
JUT GURK Snap or Block Kick
JIT TEK Front Kick
JUT TEK Side Kick
JUT SUN MA Side Slant Stance
KOW SAU Hooking Palm or Hand
KUNG FU Used in the West for Chinese Martial Arts
KWAN SAU Rolling Hands Block
KWOON School
LAN GURK Horizontal Leg Block Contacting with Shin Bone
LIN WAN KUEN Chain Punches / Battle Punches
LUK DIM BOON KWUN 6 Half Point Pole Form
LUK SAU Heavy Sticking Hands
LOP SAU Grabbing Hand
MOOK JONG Wooden Dummy
MUI FA JONG Plum Blossom Posts
NG MUI Buddhist Nun, founder of Wing Chun Kuen
NGOI Inside
PAI JONG Horizontal Inward Elbow Strike
PAK GURK Inside Kick with Sole of Foot
PAK SAU Slap Block
POON SAU Regular Sticking Hands
SA BAU Wall Bag
SAAM KOK BO Triangular Steps
SAN SAU Slow Attack Exercise
SAU Hand or Arm
SEUNG CHI SAU Double Sticking Hands
SEUNG DAI BONG Double Low Forearm Block
SEUNG HUEN SAU Double Circle Wrist Block
SEUNG JUT SAU Double Snapping or Jerking Block
SI BOK (SI BUK) Your Si-Fuís Elder Brother
SI DAI Member
SI FU Your Teacher
SI GUNG Your Teacherís Teacher
SI HING Older Classmate Male
SI JE Older Classmate Female
SI JO Ancestor within the System
SI MO Your Teacherís Wife
SI TAI Si Gung's Wife
SI SOOK Younger Brother of Si-Fu
SIL LIM TAU Small / Little Idea Form (1st Wing Chun Kuen Form)
SOANG JONG (WANG JONG) Outward Horizontal Elbow
SOOR JUNG Sinking Elbow Down
SOR SAU CHI SAU Trapping Sticky Hands
SUT Knee
TAI GURK Raising Kick
TAI JONG Raising Elbow
TAK GURK Low Instep Kick
TAN GURK Forward And Upward Leg Block
TAN SAU Palm Up Block
TAO The Way
TO DEI Member
TIU GURK Instep Kick
TOI MA Step Back and Turn Stance
TOK SAU Lifting Palm Block
WING CHUN KUEN TONG Wing Chun Kuen Organisation
WU SAU Guard Hand
WU SHU Martial Arts
YANG Strong, Light, Active, or Male
YEE CHI KIM YEUNG MA Thigh Grabbing Stance / Pigeon-Toed Stance
YIM WING CHUN The Lady Ng Mui Taught
YIN Weak, Dark, Quiet, or Female