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School's Teaching

The Australasian Wing Chun Kung Fu Organisation is dedicated in supporting and promoting the authentic systems of Chinese kung fu styles of Wing Chun Kuen to those that aim to use it for the betterment of the art, the improvement of their fellow students and member schools, the protection of the weak, and the health of the themselves.

The AWCKFO's members are to respect their art, their teachers, their fellow students and the Grandmaster's of their School. This respect extends beyond the School to parents, elders, siblings and members of the community. They are encouraged to be the best they can be, which can not be measured by comparing others, but only by the abilities of each individual. The School acknowledges that all practitioners carry their own personalised traits and strengths in their practice and application of martial arts. This is why passing the traditional system on to others is important and only then can the strengths and body types of individuals modify the techniques to full advantage.

The arts require a life-long commitment to learning, improving, health and well being. They encompass the mind, body and spirit in their training. The AWCKFO is not connected to any religion, nor does its teaching reflect religious beliefs or practices.


Members of Australasian Wing Chun Kung Fu Organisation agree to abide and be guided by the School's principles of:

Honour   Demonstrate and strive for good character and conduct, high standards and positive values, with a commitment to life-long learning, self-improvement and the life-enrichment of all mankind.
Respect   Demonstrate an approach of courtesy and admiration for the Art; the School, its Grandmaster's and elders, parents and siblings, and the community.
Loyalty   Demonstrate allegiance, devotion and dedication to the Art, the School and its Grandmaster's and elders.
Heart   To demonstrate a power and quality in feeling and emotions, accepting and facing fear, pain and danger, with a commitment to developing one's own personality, intellect, empathy, will and emotions.
Patience   Demonstrate tolerance and even tempered perseverance in everything one does, and to respect that techniques take time, effort, and practice to master.