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Martial Arts Links

Below are links to other martial arts related website that we are pleased to encourage you to visit. Click on the image left of the description to visit the site you are interested in. If you would like to link to our site, please click here

Roger Smarts Studio of Martial Arts

Roger Smart's Studio of Martial Arts, With over 40 years of martial arts experience that includes training as a closed door student in China, Hong Kong and Australia under the guidance and teachings of some of the world's leading kung fu practitioners, including Grandmaster's Chu Wan Pong, Chan Sau Chung, Lun Gai, Lam Chi Ping, Lo Chi Cheong, Doctor Allen Lee and Professor Wong Kit Po, Si-Gung Roger Smart has gained acclaim as a true master who has dedicated his life to the arts.

China from Inside

China from Inside. Welcome to Jarek's Chinese Martial Arts Pages! This site is dedicated to Chinese martial arts often referred to as Neijia - Internal Family. However you will find here not only articles about Taijiquan, Baguazhang and Xinyi/Xingyiquan, but also other arts related - because of their theory or history - to them.

NG Chun Hong Wing Chun Association

NG Chun Hong Wing Chun Association. It was during the late 1950's that Sifu NG Chun-hong was first exposed to the Kung Fu style of Wing Chun. As a boy growing up in Hong Kong's notorious Mong Kok district, he would witness several altercations in and around the Matheson Playground.

Hong Kong Wing Chun Network. - Wong Shun Leung's Four Senior Diciples ¶À ²E ¼Ù ¥| ¤j §Ì ¤l
Wan Kam Leung Practical Wing Chun Kung Fu ·Å Ų ¨} ¹ê ¥Î µú ¬K ®±
It has been four years since the passed away of Master Wong Shun Leung. To some of the Wing Chun practitioners, it appeared that the WONG Shun Leung's Wing Chun lineage was disappearing and fading away in the Wing Chun world.