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Teaching Authentic Chinese Kung Fu

Welcome to the official website of Australasian Wing Chun Kung Fu Organisation (AWCKFO), supporting the traditional teachings of one of the most internationally recognised and popular kung fu styles taught today. The system is accredited to a Shaolin Temple Abbess called Ng Mui who called the style after her student Yim Wing Chun. Wing Chun means 'Beautiful Springtime'.

One of the great legacy's of the Wing Chun Kuen style is that when the late and last undisputed keeper of the system, Grandmaster Ip Man, died in December 1972 he did not identify an heir to the style, hence the current keeper of the system is in dispute. As such, many modifications of the traditional style have resulted and much of the authentic system long lost and known to only a few.

The AWCKFO aims to contribute to the Wing Chun Kuen heritage by continuing the traditions of the three main authentic Wing Chun Kuen versions

Wing Chun Kuen Styles

          Hong Kong

The AWCKFO was established in Perth (Western Australia) by Wing Chun Grandmaster Roger Smart. Si-Gung Smart, who operates WA's longest established kung fu school, learned Wing Chun from his masters: Lo Chi Chung, Doctor Allen Lee and Lun Gai (who he continues his studies with today).